Workshops Overview

After approaches & requests, we're kicking off Narrative workshops to do two main things: a) increase access to our services, especially to those who might be less interested / able to afford ongoing work and b) to give us an opportunity to meet and connect with more great people. Our fundamental goal as a business is to help raise the collective tide - and we see a good ol' workshop session as being a great way to help achieve this. 


Social Media | Strategy, Secrets & Snacks

Facebook got you feeling frustrated? Instagram feeling a bit insipid? The good news is that we can help! For the first time, we're sharing our tricks of the trade on social media; from audits to strategies, from hacks to checklists. Join us for a no-bullshit workshop (IRL, with a glass of wine) where we talk about how to make social media work for you.


Go Fund Yourself: Narrative’s guide to Crowdfunding

Is this the year that you're planning to launch your big idea? Grow your business? Take the world by storm? Excellent! If you're thinking of using crowdfunding to make it happen - even better. For the first time, we're sharing our tricks of the trade on crowdfunding; from planning to preparation from hacks to checklists. Join us for a no-bullshit workshop (IRL, with a glass of wine) where we talk about how to get ready for that life-changing crowdfunding campaign. 

We're currently offering these on an 'as needs' basis - if you're interested in doing this workshop, email Erin ( to discuss options + details! 


Wait, who are we to offer these workshops?

Fair question. We don’t want to be that person - but we thought we’d just tell you a bit about who we are. We’re a campaign management agency based in Christchurch, helping great organisations tell their stories and build their communities. 

We’ve worked on projects where we have employed the above tactics to increase volunteer sign-ups by 6000% (yes, really!) and, in each year of business, we have connected with over a one million people online. We’ve engaged the likes of HRH Prince Harry and Kensington Palace to support major projects and we’ve built campaigns from the bare bones of an idea through to nationwide delivery.

We pride ourselves on our creative and innovative approach, whilst also delivering exceptional quality.

Some of our favourite recent success stories are below:

  • We connected with over 1M people online for the World Buskers Festival held in Christchurch in January 2018; instigating a Snapchat channel for the first time (32K views) and utilising Facebook + Instagram.

  • We ran the indigo & iris crowdfunding campaign (which reached 170% of its target, successfully launching the product onto the market)

  • We built a customised snapcode for the Social Enterprise World Forum: the channel had 15k+ views during the 3 day conference (with 1,600 people attending).

  • We grew the audience & community of the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust by over 6,000% - their trials are now consistently full & oversubscribed.

  • We partnered with the RSA, Student Volunteer Army & University of Canterbury to run 'Serve for NZ': encouraging kiwis to do an hour of volunteer activity on Anzac Day. Over 10,000 hours were pledged in 2017.

  • Since 2016, we've worked with What Now, The Adam & Eve Show and partnered with WhitebaitMedia on several other projects. We've helped them to more than double their YouTube subscribers & to grow significantly online in terms of followers, reach & engagement.

For more information, or to just have a chat about whether a workshop is the right fit for you, get in touch! 

The Narrative Team x