We help great organisations join the dots & climb from one rung of the ladder to another. 

We are also a campaign management agency; that specialises in bringing people together to build connected communities, both online and off.

Narrative is a collaborative team, built on a cooperative of freelancers. We've got a range of skills, including events, communications, graphic design, website building, technical resourcing and photography. The strength of Narrative is our ability to co-opt skills as required: reflecting, what we see, as the future of great work.

In the past two years we have connected over 1 million people online; run over 30 events; taken nationwide concepts from scratch to delivery; worked with clients to grow their social media presence (in some cases by over 6,000%). We pride ourselves on our creative, innovative and no-bullshit approach; we’re absolutely more committed to seeing great ideas delivered than we are in espousing theories.